Valuation is the process of determining fair market value or current worth of an asset. By valuation present value of property is defined and it is decided by its selling price, income or rent it may fetch. The value of property is based on its structure, Life, Maintenance, Location, Bank interest etc. Purpose of valuation is following such as Buying or Selling property, Taxation, Rent fixation, Security of loan or mortgage, land acquisition etc. We have experienced valuator for the valuation of land, Building and other assets.

We use comparative method for the valuation.

Comparative method
  • In method, the sales from transaction of vicinity of land properties are studied and then a fair price for the land is fixed based on the collective data.
  • The Physical nature such as length, Width, situation etc. is required to consider in detail before fixing up the price.
  • Extensive inquiry is carried by the associates with the local resident familiar with the property transactions around the locality to find out the current buying and selling price of the land.
  • The rate of the land adopted by the government tax department for the particular locality is also noted. Due weight age is given to all the information and most probable current land rate is fixed and adopted.
How we works?
  • We have physically inspected, verified & measured the properties in the presence of the representative of the owner/client.
  • We have obtained all required papers/documents of the property examined and verified. The property being valued does not have legal or any other complications.
  • We use comparative method to find fair market value and distress value


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