Microhydro Survey and Design

Microhydro power is a type of hydroelectric power that typically produces from 5kW to 100 kW. The installations can provide power to small community and sometimes connected to electric power networks.

Microhydro are suitable for region where central grid is very difficult and expensive to extend. With only a small stream needed, remote areas can access lighting and communications for homes, schools and small industry. Microhydro produces a continuous supply of electrical energy in comparison to other small scale renewable technologies. Microhydro is considered to function as ‘run of river’ system, meaning that the water passing through generator is directed back to the stream with relatively little impact on the surrounding ecology. We can integrate the Microhydro with local power grid if our site produces large amount of excess energy.

There are so many factors to care while constructing Microhydro. Before construction, the detail feasibility survey (DFS) of the Microhydro must be done. Environmental effects must be taken into consideration before construction. Distance from power source to location where energy is required, flow rate of stream, Net head of Microhydro and so many factors to be studied. If feasible, then we can start the construction of Microhydro.

The factors to be considered while designing Microhydro are:

  • Capability and demand Survey
  • Environmental factors
  • Technical factors
  • Social and Political factors

The overall study of all factors must be done in feasibility survey. If all considered factors are seen to be feasible, then Project can be started.


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