EV Charging Station

It is a known fact that Nepal has high potential in electricity by renewable sources like Hydropower, Solar, Wind, Biomass and so on. But it is just a story till date. We are not even able to generate electricity to meet our requirements. Nepal has been meeting its energy demands through petroleum products from India. But after few years after the completion of upper Tamakoshi and some other smaller hydropower it will be sufficient for us. Then after few years after addition of Trisuli, Arun III, large Scale solar power plants and some of other plants to the grid our demand will not be enough to consume all the power production. At that time beside exporting of power we should be aware of increasing our power consumption rate. Our import bills amounting to over 60 per cent of the country's export earnings, and the international price of oil on the rise, this is far from sustainable. Our foreign currency earnings are spent mostly on petroleum products. This is beyond what Nepal's economy can sustain. If oil prices hit US$150 per barrel (up from around US$120 now), then export earnings will have to double just to meet the demand for petroleum products. By coming year, we will have enough electricity by our own in summer season. Afterwards we should be able to use the generated electricity by changing our consumption pattern, we need to change cooking use by electric stoves and petroleum vehicles by electric vehicles. We along with some energy experts have been involved in electric vehicles related research and came to a conclusion that electric vehicle is the necessity of our country. For the increment in EV’s there is need of essential component that is electric vehicles charging stations. Addon have the group of teams for the design and installation of EV charging station in Home, commercial buildings or for the public charging station.

EV Charging Station


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