Solar Water Lifting System

More than fourty percent of people in Nepal live with limited access of water. Solar Water pumping, or photovoltaic water pumping, provides an alternatives. Solar Powered Irrigation system is a complete system which provides fresh water from a reservoir for use in livestock, domestic use and industrial or agriculture.

Solar water pumping is most competitive in regions with high solar insolation. Solar water lifting systems are very effective in rural areas where grid supply is difficult and costly to extend. So, solar water pumping extremely viable way to expand energy access across developing countries and communities.

After years of research and technological advancement, it has proven to be operationally, financially and environmentally sustainable. We need more water in more sunny days, Solar PV delivered more power in more sunny days. So Solar water lifting balanced its energy delivery pattern as per demand pattern. In recent years, the cost of solar technology has dropped tremendously. In addition, these panels requiring little maintenance.

Even though Solar water pumping is ready for mainstreaming and has started to take off in some parts of world, its benefits remain largely unknown to communities, governments and development institutions. Government should promote solar pumping via direct capital subsidies, financing schemes and legal and regulatory development.

Basic requirement for Solar water lifting:

  • Good Sunshine at the site around the year.
  • No obstacle to direct sun rays at array site.
  • Community commitment to manage the system.
  • Clean water source.


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