Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart Applications

As there is a rapid development in new technologies, in the same way people are willing to use smart devices and applications. Observing the recent trend of Nepal, the main line in leader’s speech is smart village, smart city, smart this and that but our national technology is not progressed that much to meet the needs. The Internet of Things (IoT) carries the potential to transform communities into Smart regions creating a new era of living. The benefits include increased safety, reduced traffic, lower levels of pollution, reduced cost, reduced time, more efficient use of energy, and a better overall quality of life for future city residents. Smart cities of the future will allow IoT systems to revolutionize the way we live and conduct business, with sensors attached to virtually every vehicle, device, or piece of equipment that a city uses on a daily basis. The possibilities are almost endless, as IoT produces invaluable data for a multitude of business intelligence systems, such as emergency services, crime prevention, parking management, and much, much more.

Here are some of the examples of IOT applications in Nepal:

  • To provide emergency services like Ambulance, hospital, Fire extinguisher and other similar services.
  • Smart security system for preventing unauthorized access, for regular monitoring, automation also to enhance the safety of women and children, especially when they are alone.
  • To ensure smart transportation and traffic management likewise, traffic control, parking, travelling, taxi hiring, vehicles sharing improving efficiency and safety, and deliver better services.
  • Intelligent electricity supply and use as by introducing grid automation, smart street lights, smart meter, installing electric vehicle charging station.
  • For E-Governance to provide public information, schedule, engaging the citizens in the day-to-day activities or in the decision-making.
  • Monitoring applications as temp, humidity, fertility test for farming, quality measurement of air, pollution in cities etc and for penalizing wrong doers.
  • Server based waste management system so that the waste collector gets information about the quantity of waste also the home owner is warned about waste segregation, gets notified about the time and way of collecting waste. This collected waste will also be reused and recycled properly.
  • Home Automation for efficient electricity and water use, protection of property, management of other daily required materials.
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