Surveying is the technique of determining the relative position of different features on, above or beneath the surface of earth by means of direct and indirect measurement. Then represent them in a sheet of paper called as plan or map. It is the beginning of every projects, for the successful implementation of a every project well experienced surveyor is required in respective field. If there is any mistakes happen while doing surveying it leads to path of uneconomical and unsuccessful project. Surveying is the single engineering function which links all the phases of a project including conception, planning, design, land acquisition, construction and final monumentation. We have well experience surveyor in different field so that there is no any problem while designing and cost estimation of projects.

What we do?
  • Surveying of Road, Bridge, Culvert and Causeway.
  • Surveying of Water supply project.
  • Surveying of master plan projects.
  • Surveying of Rural Electrification and other surveying related to electrical engineer.
How we works?
  • Desk studies by using topographic map, aerial photograph, previous related reports etc.
  • Reconnaissance of field to develop several alternatives.
  • Preliminary surveying for the selection best economical alternative.
  • Final survey of best alternatives.


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