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We provide a range of energy-saving services, including energy audits, project design, project financing, equipment procurement, construction, equipment installation and commissioning, personnel training, energy saving confirmation and assurance for whole project in worldwide cities.

  • Energy-Saving Information Consultation

    Our project managers and engineers are experienced in providing street lighting and smart city consultation services, including:street lighting technologies, IOT Industrial technologies, streetlight efficiency analysis, as well as smart city applications.

  • Energy Efficiency Auditing

    We performs monitoring and testing for streetlights energy consumption, transformers in power supply system, power lines and power supply quality, providing energy-saving auditing services and investment plan.

  • Energy-Saving Technical Solution Design

    We designs a tailor-made energy-saving solution for each city, based on its streetlight conditions and electricity consumption, including energy-saving prediction and calculation, efficient energy-saving measurements, customized energy efficient products, project implementation plan, and ROI analysis, etc.

  • Investment Proposal

    According to the specific scenario, we provides cities with multiple implementation proposals and different investment plans, such as full-scale upgrade, or phase-based upgrades,

  • Product Options

    We offers a wide range of energy-efficient products, including smart LED streetlights, solar lights, tunnel LED lights, decorative LEDs, customized smart poles, etc.

  • Implementation and Design

    In order to successfully carry out the construction program, before the installation, we conducts multiple site surveys to enable us to create a scientific and precise implementation plan, including implementation period, progress, project division, installation locations, installation technique, IP requirement, complimentary material specifications, etc, to guarantee a high quality streetlight project

  • Installation and Commissioning

    We follows strictly city’s installation guidance and requirement, and performs system commissioning and testing after the completion of installation.

  • Operational Improvement and Maintenance

    After deployment, we performs operational and maintenance services to ensure long-term value of the street lighting network.

  • Energy Saving and Efficiency Assessment

    We leverages the smart street lighting central management platform to calculate monthly energy consumption from cabinet level to project level. With the precondition of lighting meeting city’s requirement throughout the night, We utilizes dimming method through the CMS to bring more energy saving and improve lifetime of the devices.

  • Additional Service

    We also provides additional services including project archives, technical support after sales and implementation, re-assessment of energy saving, upgrade of energy saving devices, and training etc.

Business Mode

  • BT Mode

    Projects are funded and constructed by CSG Energy and will be transferred to the clients after they pay the contracted value by installments.

  • EPC Mode

    Projects are funded and constructed, by CSG Energy and clients repay the cost of investment with the saved energy bill.

  • PPP Mode

    Project are planned, designed, invested, constructed and operated by CSG Energy and the capital outlay will be recouped by payments from governments.

  • BOT Mode

    Projects are funded, constructed, and operated entirely by CSG Energy.

  • Engineering Mode

    Clients invest in energy saving renovation projects and entrust them to CSG Energy.

Benefit for Local Municipality

  • Reduce the financial pressure of government and help to ensure the quality and efficiency of public expenditure .
  • Update existing public lighting and control system, and greatly improve local city lighting level and social security.
  • Wireless smart control system will improve city public lighting management and save management & maintenance cost for long term.
  • New LED streetlight and smart control system will help local Municipality save at least 50%~60% power consumption.
  • Reduce pollution emissions and greenhouse gas emissions, improve city environment.
  • Local municipality will own all products and activities after contract term.

How to repay from government

  • For EPC mode or ESCO mode, government just need repay us with the saved power electric charge within 5~10 years.
  • For BT mode or other business modes, government repay us by installment within 5~10 years.
  • Local municipalities should provide government guarantee and international bank guarantee.

What we Guarantee

  • We guarantee to invest in minimum quantity 10000 units LED streetlight or 5000 units solar LED streetlight for each project, including complete project design, construction, maintenance, and warranty.
  • We guarantee that we provide the high quality LED light fixtures, high-tech smart control system and other equipments.
  • We supply 5~10 years warranty for whole project according to contract term. Free replace for any failed products or equipments.
  • We have local partner company to supply local support and maintenance service on site. Fast response to local emergent problems.
  • We guarantee the efficiency of energy saving reach the expectation as we declare in different projects.


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