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SURUWAT (Smart Urban & Rural Waste Treatment) is the smart bin solution to improve the waste collection mechanism and manual effort required. Waste management becomes the challenging job herein Nepal. So we decided to accept this challenges and develop the smart waste management technology.

Problem Statement

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The traditional way of collecting waste includes collection of unsegregated waste from the houses. Which is the major problem of waste management. The segregation of waste at the centralized space i.e. at collection point is almost impossible and/or hard to segregate. Which make compulsion to throw waste in dumping site. Choosing and managing the dumping site itself is the another major problem in waste management. This also create the land pollution problem. Collection of the waste from individual houses kill a lot of time of the collector which cause raise in collection time and cost too. This mechanism also disturbed the schedule of the normal and professional person.

Smart bin technology

The smart waste management technology is the use smart dustbin, smart phone, and cloud based real time monitoring system for collecting, managing and recycling the waste. This real time monitoring system helps in planning and decision making at the real time instant in the waste management. Which also saves a lot of money in comparison to the traditional approach.

The waste collection includes the following processes:

  • Distributed Waste Segregation

    Distributed waste segregation is the key things in the smart waste technology. In this mechanism the smart bin is installed in between 10 to 20 houses. The smart bin includes multiple bins at a point. The separate type of waste is collected in the separate bins. Segregating the waste by the people itself is a distributed waste segregation mechanism so collector doesn’t need to segregates which saves a lot of time of collector. Collection of the waste from the collection point saves a lot of collection time of collector. This also solved the schedule disturbance problem for the people.

  • Cloud based real time monitoring

    Cloud Based Real time monitoring is the way to monitor the waste at real time instant by using smart phone and computer devices.

  • Collection and transportation

  • Sales and distribution


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