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Building Electrification

Building Electrification is the process of powering residential, commercial and industrial building according to their need and energy demand with prior concern to demand side management. With the advancement of the modern era, Building Electrification are widely used for the different purposes such as in hotels; improving efficiencies and reducing distribution power losses as in industries; appropriate sizing of equipment’s; demand side management; etc.

What we do?

The electrification design of residential, commercial, industrial and high-rise building is carried out by following the guidelines and standards as per the Nepal National Building Code(NBC) and also the relevant regulations of the Nepal Electricity Authority as amended from time to time. Under building electrification design, the task performances are listed below:

  • Identification of the different types of loads and general requirements the different consumers
  • Locating and placing of the electrical gadgets on the purposed architectural design building.
  • Distribution of supply.
  • Wiring and cabling.
  • Solar power design on high rise buildings.
  • Telecommunications, security, fire alarm system, floor heating systems, etc.
  • Estimating power demand and sizing of electrical equipment’s needed.
  • Estimation and preparation of BOQ on capital cost of illumination.

Rural Electrification

Rural Electrification is defined as the process of providing access of affordable electrical energy at cheaper price to the people of remote areas. Though the many research has shown that our country Nepal has higher potential of hydro electricity generation, but still many people are deprived from the access of electricity. Specially, the people residing on the rural part are more prone to this problem. The reasons behind this failure may be due to remoteness, undeveloped, poor literacy rate, few number of consumers scattered in larger area which adds more cost of installation and operation and also more transmission and distribution losses, low revenue collection, corruption, etc.

Though there are number of distraction in operating Rural electrification, it can be made easier when government, NGO’s and Nepal Electricity Authority put their hands together and make effective plans and strict regulations towards solving this problem. A number of benefits can be obtained when the operation is successful as like improvement in the quality life, Agro-mechanization to increase agricultural yields, reduction in the use of firewood, reduction in indoor pollution and carbon emissions establishment of the small and large-scale industries, employment opportunity rate increases, etc.

What we do?

  • Site survey of the allocated place.
  • Detail feasibility study and data collection.
  • Substation detailing.
  • Design work, Equipment’s sizing and placement.
  • Preparation of the BOQ.


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