Design and Analysis


Nepal, being in the most seismically vulnerable zone, proper seismic analysis and design of the building is to be made. The large destruction from 2072 earthquake has taught a lot. So, people are aware enough to design the buildings from well skilled and qualified engineers. But many earthquake prone countries, like Nepal are still struggling with appropriate building construction practices. Thus, we are here to give the commitment to deliver the quality services in the analysis and design of the buildings.

Structure Design
How we execute
  • Estimation and calculation of all possible kinds of loads.
  • Static and seismic analysis is performed on buildings.
  • Different earthquake codes, building codes and guidelines are incorporated in order to assure the safe design of the buildings.
  • For the analysis of the different building elements, different computer software are adopted such as SAP 2000/ETABS. These software embraces the principle of finite element analysis, which are always necessary for analysis of any structural members.
  • Output of the analysis is reviewed for every individual structural members of the building.
  • Finally, the elements of buildings are designed accordingly.
  • Detailed drawings are prepared using AutoCAD.

Roads are one of the most important infrastructure to the nation that determines its economic, social development, etc. They play a significant role in achieving national development and contributing to the overall performance and social functioning of the community. Quality roads are important rather than the number of roads because improperly designed and constructed roads costs a lot, as those roads require large number of repairs and maintenance. Hence, our team assure to provide quality design of roads according to the site specific with the proper study and analysis.

How we execute
  • Brief study of the location through survey: topography, geology, environmental and social.
  • Calculation and forecasting of the traffics.
  • Adoption of different codal provision like NRS, NRRS.
  • Analysis and design of the road using the computer software like Smart Road, Civil 3D.
  • Preparation of the detailed drawings with all geometric design considerations.
  • Preparation of the project report.
Water Supply and Sanitation

Drinking water is the most important basic need of the human beings. It remains on the top priority in the agenda of rural development. The objective of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project for Nepal is to support the Government program to increase sustainable access to portable water supply in rural areas, while promoting improved waste outer management and hygiene practices or maintain living of standard life.

How we Works
Feasibility study/Surveying:
  • Analysis of the current situation, water resources study and variant study.
  • Suggestion for maintenance and strengthening of existing structures if needed.
  • Technical and economic feasibility study.
Detail study/Surveying:

The main objective of this survey is to quantify in physical units and value in economic magnitudes the activities relating to the so-called integral water cycle. comprising water supply and treatment (sewerage system and filtering of waste water).

Other survey objectives are:

  • To meet the demand for this type of data by different users (national and international bodies, companies in the sector and public administrations).
  • To ensure Transmission, Distribution, Branch and Sub-branch length.
  • To draft synthesis indicators enabling interpretation of results obtained from users.
Structure Design
Maintenance and Upgrading WSP:

Determine the existing condition, current situation and give best economically viable solution for maintenance and upgrading.


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